Example 1 - Activity Board

Problem: The client suffers from fronto-temporal dementia, a severe form which does not weaken the physical. His condition inhibits some of his senses, principally sight. He sees but does not look, i.e. his eyes work but the brain does not translate into meaningful vision.  He responds to sounds and touch only.


Solution: He sits in a wheel chair with the activity board on his lap. The occupational therapy intention is to try to develop some response to the board.

Example 3 - Child's Pacer Oxygen Bottle Fitting

Problem: The child walked with the aid of the pacer but needed a 24/7 O2 supply.


Solution: We made an O2 bottle holder and fitted it to the pacer.

Example 2 - Powered Clothes Pulley

Problem: Hoisting a kitchen pulley full of damp clothes is impossible for clients with weak grips or arms.


Solution: This modified windscreen wiper solved the problem.

Example 4 - Quick Change Brushes for Mouth Artist

Problem: This mouth artist couldn’t change brushes easily.


Solution: We made a single mouth holder with quick change brushes. He was delighted.

Example 5 - Smoking Aid for MS Sufferer

Problem: The client is virtually 100% paralysed. His only pleasure is smoking but most carers wouldn’t go near his smoke filled room to light up for him.


Solution: By using a button in the smoking aid we constructed he can light up 5 cigarettes one at a time without external help.

Example 6 - Bowling Ramp

Problem: The client with very restricted movement couldn’t bowl normally.


Solution: Sitting in a wheelchair the ramp can be easily moved by him to alter the direction and the ball is then tipped on to it.

Example 7 - Shower Step

Problem: The client could step up, but not forward at the same time.


Solution: This step fitted a corner opening shower and made unassisted entry possible.

Example 8 - Toilet Hoist

Problem: The client could not get up from the toilet and found sitting down difficult.


Solution: This modified bath aid just raised the toilet seat enough for him.


Example 9 - Wheelchair to Bobike Seat Attachment

When the baby can sit up reliably, a Bobike cycle seat can be attached to the wheelchair using a frame we make.


Note - this child was put in the seat for the photo - he’s a bit too old and big for it!


Example 10 - Work Done Free of Charge by Commercial Companies

We approached Babcock Marine on behalf of Kayleigh Haggo, who currently holds 13 world records and hoped to compete in the Club Throw event in the 2016 Paralympics but needed a custom-built throwing frame.

Their Head of Fleet Engineering, Graham Henderson, tasked their second phase apprentices to build the frame, which was formally handed over to her in April 2014. To view the full story please click here.